Posted On: Jul 18, 2024

Location: Remote, PH - Remote, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

Main Objectives and Duties:

1. Schedule Generation and staffing analysis
• Uses workforce management software and call volume history to help manage intra-day staffing levels.

• Ensures that call center resources are scheduled and utilized to provide optimum service levels in all skill groups.
• Identifies and coordinates training needs (dates and time) for the training strategies to meet the call arrival patterns and creates minimal
variance in associate occupancy (workload) rate.
○ Analyzes call center staffing, metrics and performance to ensure proper staffing and scheduling commensurate with service level goals on an interval, daily, weekly and monthly level.
2. Facilitates Staffing Calls
• Prepares intraday staffing call analysis report
• Proposes schedule changes to address staffing needs
• Addresses and provides possible solutions to any concerns and requests by Operations Partners.
• Ensures minutes of the call is sent out to all participants.

3. Schedule Management
Publishes schedules from the finalized shift bids
• Updates all valid schedule requests
• Ensures all agents have correct number of hours and rest days
• Sends out notification to email concerns of the initial and finalized schedules.
• Creates report/tracker of any late approved and requests for documentation
• Creates monthly shift bids and distributes to Operations
• Makes sure shift patterns aligned with forecast/sale trends of respective accounts/clients.

4. Workforce Scheduling Tool Utilization and Maintenance
• Ensures all schedules are run through the  scheduling tool
• Creates intraday analysis and simulations on the schedules plotted on the tool 

• Updates schedules to ensure proper staffing
• Ensures that Workforce scheduling data is aligned in published schedules on all media.

5. Trend Analysis
• Uses workforce management software and call volume history to help manage intra-day staffing levels.
• Recognize/interprets trends and analyze intraday call forecasts and communicate to management team provide commentary to assist supervisors and managers in meeting daily/weekly goals.
• Conducts analysis on anomalies within the business as well as future new products/services to determine impacts on the business and provide recommendations to minimize any negative impacts on the customer.

6. Manage Agent Leaves
• Computes staffing percentages to identify correct VL allocation per day w/o compromising expected revenue numbers.
• Coordinates and projects shrinkage expectations
• Identifies correct VL allocation per group
• Sends out list of VL approval to operations team

7. Avaya Skill Set Audit
• Audits skill sets for all agents that access CMS
• Ensures correct skill set sand priorities are  assigned to all agents
• Makes discrepancy report on skill set
• Requests correction to CMS Admin
• Assists Real-time team on skilling concerns
• Maintains documentation and workflow for IVR routing, telephony routing, and agent skilling providing efficiency changes as identified

Research, recommend, and assist with the implementation of call center technology.

Area of expertise (Skills)

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or Math or relevant work experience,
(2-4 years) considered an acceptable substitute for the education requirement.
Experience working with different Scheduling software (Eg. Verint, eWFM, IEX, Genesys)

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)