Posted On: Jun 26, 2024

Location: Manila, Manila, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

The operations Supervisor reports directly to the Operations Manager.

Main Objectives: 

Team Attendance
○ Monitors attendance of the customer service representatives
○ Compares login time on the Avaya with the Biometrix data.
○ Uses the Biometrix data to monitor tardiness.
Balancing of Server
○ Uses CMS Supervisor tool to generate weekly server assignment for each representative
○ Balances Miami and Atlanta server for every shift to ensure all calls are catered on time
Team Communication and feedback
○ Reads emails addressed to the department at the beginning of the shift to ensure all necessary communication, updates and issues are addressed on time.
Department QFN (Attendance) for the day
○ Checks and updates attendance template
○ Records number of absences and the reasons ands sends it to the Senior Manager through email.
Manual Logger and Verint Exception Logger
○ Collates and files reps break schedules based on the data displayed on Verint.
○ Manually enters acceptable authorized behavior on Verint for exemption.
○ Collates from the main file Scorecard data and transfers it to a One on One form.
○ Conducts one on one coaching on rep’s scorecard twice a month.
NTE, DA and Coaching Log
○ Extracts from the main file a serial number to ensure integrity of the memo/document.
○ Tenders memos to the representative in accordance to the offense being committed.
○ Submits memos to the HCD for safekeeping and future reference.
Job Profile
Center Updates and URECAF
○ Disseminates updates to the team during the post shift meeting.
QA Update, QA score, QA Document and RCA
○ Discusses updates related to Quality in the absence of the Quality Analyst and ensures disciplinary actions for unacceptable QA scores are served.
○ Assists QAR in conducting RCA for Miami and internal evaluation.
○ Participates in the activities initiated by the QAR for the betterment of the Team’s Performance.
10 day Planner
○ Records schedules for rep’s one on one coaching and activities that will enhance his performance

Area of expertise (Skills)

At least 1 year experience in team leadership in a Call Center setting or other related work.

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

Six Sigma Certified (preferrably) 



Bachelor Degree