Posted On: Jul 19, 2024

Location: Manila, Manila, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

Main Objectives and Duties:

1. Reports.

  • Delivers timely the Hourly, Daily, Weekly or MTD reports as needed
  • Analyzes the forecast and any deviations for previous day and current day.
  • Determines the root cause of previous day and current day misses.
  • Ensures report efficiency and fix errors.
  • Provides real-time analysis and reporting of intraday.

2. Segment Entry

  • Processes segment entry request Real-Time
  • Ensures all agent activities are accounted for through exception codes
  •  Real-Time segment updates for absences and off-phone activities.

3. Communicates any system downtimes to all stakeholders

  • Escalates any system downtime and tool issues to the Qualfon and Client.
  • Communicate effectively any information to Operations Team and Client during downtime
  • Documents and sends the downtime summary report

4. Monitors and manages intraday staffing levels of the Program

  • Update the Operations with staffing every interval during the hours of operations
  • Managing staff levels considering Skill and Organizational requirements
  • Monitor the actual staffing versus the scheduled
  • Initiates overtime or off-phones if needed to meet the weekly FTE requirement

5. Monitor real-time ACD agent work state reports

  • Responsible in calling out agents in non-adhering work states
  • Monitors and sends the Schedule Adherence performance alert or report to Operations
  • Management of aux activities for any Verint related schedule changes

6. Manage Queues and Skilling

  • Runs queue checks at different times in a day to cross reference existing Skill Plan of the program.
  • Ensures queues are clear by the end of business hours.
  • Accommodates Skill change requests from Operations or Client.
  • Initiates skill changes as needed.

Area of expertise (Skills)

  • Call Management System Analyst may be a Graduate or have completed at least 3 years of any related courses.
  • At least 6 months – 1 year work experience in a related field to enable satisfactory performance.

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

  • Data Management
  • Proficient in MS Excel
  • Working knowledge of MS Office applications and Avaya CMS Supervisor or and ACD reporting tool
  • Keen to details
  • Working Knowledge on WFM Tools
  • Knowledge on FTE projection and calculation
  • Working knowledge on segment descriptions set by the program