Posted On: Jul 12, 2024

Location: Cebu City, Cebu, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

Main objectives and functions:

1. Real- Time operational status / performance for all Qualfon Sites.
○ Reviews client’s half –hour staffing report
○ Ensures optimal staffing is in place to meet the client service level agreements on real-time.
○ Conducts and monitors staffing with all the centers randomly.

2. Agent Schedules for the Group Accounts
○ Ensures the availability of 14 day rolling schedules.
○ Essential business owner need per skill group.
○ Reviews the work pattern assignment
○ Ensures schedule/distribute work for call center.
○ Works with the client business owners, operations managers and workforce analysts globally in establishing the 2 week rolling schedules.

3.Resolutions for scheduling conflicts and / or special scheduling requests.
○ Simulates the hours that will be generated with the given schedules and get the total hours loss.
○ Prepares another shift distribution that would be best fitted for the center affected.
○ Recommends schedule changes.

4. Verification of the published Verint Impact against the Call Center Roster to address
○ Establishes an efficient scheduling process that is both beneficial to the centers and client.
○ Creates alternative solutions, processes and or schedules whenever the Verint is not working.

5. Total staffed hour accountability for billing purposes.
○ Works with the analysts in staffing analysis based on actual half-hour interval headcount versus the hours generated from the Avaya CMS.
○ Reviews the comparison of the login/logout report from the Avaya CMS generated hours versus the total staffed hours from the Avaya CMS.

6. Overtime approval of a particular shift.
○ Simulates the hours that will be generated with the given schedules and get the total hours loss.
○ Recommends a number of headcount and a number of overtime hours may be required to hit the FTE required from the client, based on the intra-week FTE.

7. Sites capacity status report
○ Prepares bi-weekly capacity reports detailing seat capacity.
○ Checks the total active agents
○ Checks center’s seat capacity
○ Considers the shrinkage: absenteeism, leaves, and requests days-off.
○ Recommends facility utilization to Account Directors and Global Solutions Director.

8. Historical reports reviews & analysis of the sites.
○ Performs data management
o Analyze
o Interpret
○ Reviews the agent monthly scorecard and performance bonus of the agents.
○ Reviews the weekly client’s scorecard and provide recommendations to the operations managers to meet the goals of the client.

9. Teamwork with internal web developers to build workforce management tool enhancements and projects.
○ Interprets the required tool from the senior account manager with the current practices to the web developers.
○ Develops the outline of the workforce and reporting, scorecard modules.
○ Supports the implementation of the tool developed to enhance workforce management processes.

10. Forecasting
○ Interprets and tabulates statistical information from client to project staffing requirements for new and existing business projects.
○ Calculates staffing requirement from the client’s given statistics; AHT, ASA, SLA, Occupancy and utilization.
○ Calculates the maximum call volume on a given headcount.
○ Provides the simulated schedules given the needs of the client.

Area of expertise (Skills)

Bachelor’s Degree in either Statistics, Mathematics or Engineering

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

4 to 5 years related work experience in the Call Center industry or related field, with at least 2 years experience in a supervisory capacity

Queuing Theory Knowledge


Bachelor Degree