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Application Support Manager

Posted On: Jan 30, 2023

Location: Cebu City, Cebu, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

Maintain an evolving Knowledgebase of Tools (Verint, Citrix, TAS, etc.)

  • Know the improvement opportunities of each tool or on the process by which the tool is being used.
  • Establish a resolution assessment plan and monitor the progress.
  • Monitor the execution of the improvement proposal in a test environment.
  • Validate the improvement proposal.
  • Validate improvement proposal documentation.

Create Test Environments to Facilitate testing of tools and possible workarounds or solutions to existing and future issues.

  • To lead in the design and deployment of test environments suitable for testing of tools.
  • Monitor and to ensure that all configurations comply with international standard methods for security and control.
  • Ensure maintenance of the test environment to ensure usability and availability.

Provide Technical and Administrative tactical support in order to prevent and eliminate issues.

  • To lead in the proactive delivery of tested precautionary procedures or changes to procedures to prevent issues that can arise from unsuitable methods.
  • To lead in the support for tools issues that arise on an on-demand scenario and when solutions are tested and available.

Ensure that compiled procedures are updated in parallel with the tools they are intended for.

  • Timely review of existing solutions or improvements to ensure compliance with current procedures and standards.
  • Verify implementation of updates to methods based on preservation of security, functionality and productivity compliance.

To stay up to date with the evolution of existing tools, technologies, and methods.

  • Schedule periodic checks on possible evolution of tools, technologies, and methods.
  • Subscribe to and monitor official and unofficial online discussions/forums to stay abreast will recent changes/bug reports/updates on the tools.
  • Perform tests using evolved parameters.
  • Conduct Training sessions for the team members and new members in the team.
  • Anticipate provision of technical assistance pertaining to future implementation.

To develop a pro-active team composed of diverse individuals committed to customer service.

  • To play a major role in the recruitment and selection of team members.
  • Know the strengths of each team member and manage these strengths to build a productive team.
  • Provides technical guidance for the team members to help them understand complex problems.
  • Monitor Tasks assigned to the team and ensured timely submission of outputs.
  • Provide support for the administrative needs of each team member.

Area of expertise (Skills)

  • At least 4 year College Graduate on IT areas and preferably with a general Management related courses or experience. 
  • Needs 5 years or more work experience in a related field.
  • Experience managing IT projects, monitoring progress of projects and achieving the goals within the desired timeline. Research and analysis to resolve existing and future (proactive) needs in the areas of scope. Prior knowledge and experience pertaining to servers, infrastructure and networking. Including but not limited to Windows Servers/OS, Server Technologies, Services and Features, Active Directory, High Availability services, vSphere, Hyper-V, Avaya, Verint, Citrix systems, LANs, VLANs, WANs. 


Any or some of the following certifications may be desirable for this position:

  • Microsoft: MTA/MCSA
  • Avaya: Technology Fundamentals/AIPS
  • Verint: Verint Core Certification
  • Citrix: CCA-V/CCA-N