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Posted On: Jun 26, 2022

Location: Cebu City, Cebu, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

1. Petty cash custodian
○ Ensures that each reimbursed expense is valid, appropriate, reasonable and for company purposes only.
○ Verifies reimbursement request and make sure it is consistent with standing policies.
○ Ensures proper signatures for authorization.
○ Replenishes petty cash fund.
○ Maintains a record of all related documents and necessary reimbursements.
○ Ensures enough available petty cash funds.
Maintenance of company books: Cash Disbursement, Journal, Cash Receipts and Sales Book, Ledger, Purchase Book.
○ Writes accurate information into the registered books of accounts.
○ Coordinates with Finance Supervisor and Finance Manager for the information to be written in the manual books.

2. Facilitation of company billings
○ Facilitates Intellicare billings by coordinating with CompBen Officer and checks the accuracy of the amount reflected in the SOA. Updates and monitors employee illegibility.
○ Monitors monthly charge for Internet, telephone, cellphone from Globe and PLDT, electric and water bills.

3. Verification of liquidations
○ Checks and validates employee liquidations including allowances, reimbursement of expenses and Motivational Budget.
Facilitation of specified employee documentary requests
○ Processes employee’s request for certification for any correction of names (for HDMF only).
○ Attends to employee inquiries regarding statutory contributions (SSS, Philhealth, HDMF, etc).

○ Obtains necessary data from the Finance Manager in order to generate One hub Information.
○ Inputs individual contribution into ONEHUB system.
○ Uploads information in the One Hub System for verification and facilitates payments through one hub system linked to the bank system.
○ Prints out the receipts of payments from Unionbank and file.
○ Submits accurate remittances on time.

5. Facilitation of Government Reportorial requirements for new hires
○ Checks BIR Form 1902 and 2305 of the newly hired employee to be submitted to BIR.
○ Prepares the newly approved TIN # of new employees per Generation to be forwarded to HCD-CompBen.
○ Obtains SSS number of the newly hired employees from HCD-

6. Records Section and facilitates validation in the SSS One Hub System.
○ Prepares R1A reports of the newly hired employees to SSS.
○ Prepares ER2 reports of the newly hired employees to be submitted to Philhealth with completed forms and attachment and makes follow-up a few months after submission of ER2.
○ Prepares transmittal report of the newly hired employees to be submitted to HDMF/Pag-ibig with TIN Number .
○ Submits completed forms at least 30 days from employment date during probationary period.

7. Facilitation of SSS Benefits Claim & Reimbursement
○ Facilitates sickness and maternity claims and reimbursement of employees.
Processing of documents to City Hall and PEZA
○ Facilitates renewal of permits and licenses on time.
○ Processes necessary papers with PEZA

Area of expertise (Skills)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy or Management Accounting graduate
  • 6 months to one year experience in Accounting or related work.

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

Office Suite management

Business Software Applications (Finance)