Posted On: Jul 12, 2024

Location: Cebu City, Cebu, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary


This position is the primary source of impact assessment and quantification for most issues and change requests (RFC) generated throughout the company.  This inidividual must be highly knowledgeable resources with familiarity with all TracFone business lines, business processes, supporting systems, databases and available reporting.

This resource has a key role in ensuring that requests from departments throughout the company are evaluated using the same standards and that impact assessments are as directly comparable to each other as possible.

Area of expertise (Skills)

1.    Intake:  Receipt and evaluation of RFC requests and IMT issues, including working with requestors and technical resources to understand details and determine methods for quantifying, and then generating assessments of customer impact and/or validating requestor generated information.

2.    Research and Development:  Analyze complex system processes, extract and transform relevant data to evaluate true customer impact and to create and deploy predictive modeling. Consult with technical and design teams to flesh out Issues, technical requirements, and ad-hoc analysis where needed and to contribute to root cause analysis and comprehensive solutions for issues.

3.    Quantification and Scoring:  Use their knowledge of TracFone business lines, brand positioning and market strategies, processes and tools to evaluate available means to express impact for Issues/RFC, including information available in databases through use of CEM tools, Splunk, Glassbox, etc. as well as evaluate possible impact to other processes and contribute to recommendations around testing scope.  

4.    Pre and Post Revenue/Cost Calculation:  Generation of ROI information for RFC.  Post evaluation of CRs delivered to production to determine to what degree ROI is achieved.  Analysis of the resulting overall dataset to produce information on the types of changes that consistently yield the greatest business value for TracFone.

5.    Quantification, Scoring and ROI Methods Development: Work with their manager and with resources in Finance and Accounting to develop standardized approaches to impact assessment, RFC scoring, and ROI calculation for different types of changes, and for the storing of this information.

6.    Recommendations:  Consult with and make recommendations to business owners, including at management level and PMO, regarding CR creation and prioritization.  Most non-urgent RFC/Issues will come through this group and their recommendations will be a determining factor in which requests move forward through the process.

7.    Managerial duties: Manage team of operations research analysts to collect and analyze data to evaluate operational difficulties and make recommendations to solve problems. Identifies inefficiencies and analyzes and reports solutions to correct inefficiencies.


Other Skills and Experiences (Min)


•    Bachelor’s degree in a technical field such as Engineering, Computer Science related software or hardware, mathematics or hard sciences.  Bachelor’s degree in a social science field with at least one year of experience with commercial application of statistical analysis can also be considered.
•    7 years of experience with research, data analysis and analytical work including experience presenting findings/results to management.
•    5 years of internal TracFone experience in troubleshooting, research and analytical functions is highly desired.
•    Experience with programming and statistical analysis is highly desired.
•    Demonstrated knowledge of SQL, Unix, ETL, Oracle PL/SQL, Data Warehouse, BI reporting.
•    Highly skilled in SQL and familiar with tracfone databases.
•    Ability to effectively utilize data discovery tools including C

The ideal candidate will be able to program in at least one commonly used language and have a high degree of comfort using SQL and evaluating statistical information.  They will be expected to be highly knowledgeable in several areas including.

•    Oracle PL/SQL, Db2, Data Warehouse
•    Enterprise Report Automation/ETL batch processing/
•    BI Analytical Tools Thoughtspot, Cognos, Tableau
•    Working knowledge of transactional systems: Clarify/BRM/OFS
•    Data discovery tools including CEM, Splunk, Glassbox, Tableau
•    Techniques/strategies for assessing impact across business units
•    Statistical analysis, text analytics and machine learning principles
•    AWS cloud functionality: S3, Sagemaker, RedShift, IAM