Posted On: Jul 4, 2024

Location: Cagayan De Oro, Cagayan De Oro, PH

Company: Qualfon

Job Summary

Main objectives and Duties:

1. Supervision of International Helpdesk Staff and make sure they are equip and knowledgeable in processing tickets and executing escalation procedures.
○ Orients, communicates and trains all International IT Helpdesk for their duties and responsibilities.
○ Conducts periodic  simulations to ensure team response on major issues. 
○ Disseminates work instructions
○ Provides support on high level issues on IT concerns
○ Submits reports to IT Manager

2. Supervision International Helpdesk Staff on providing proactive updates and monitoring of the ticketing system.
○ Provides support on high level issues on IT concerns
○ Monitors and submits clear and accurate updates on a timely manner thru Emails, Phone Calls, Verbal approach or Instant  Messaging(Skype, Google Talk)
○ Ensures that the team follows the IT escalation procedures diligently.
○ Reviews summary of open tickets at the beginning of the shift on a daily basis and provide instructions to the team on how to proceed.
○ Ensures all tickets are being catered and processed as quickly as possible

3. Attendance, overtime and leaves monitoring of the team members
○ Monitors daily attendance of the team and submit bi-monthly reports to HR and IT Managers
○ Balances team schedule to provide maximum support to clients
○ Provides sanctions or suspensions if necessary to maintain order within the team.
○ Reviews validity of leaves of all team members and ensure team productivity will not have any impact on providing support to clients.
○ Provides initial approval of overtime and leave requests by team members.

4. Monthly evaluation of non regular and regular Helpdesk employees
○ Evaluates and provides ratings according to their performances, quality of work, attitude, productivity, attendance.
○ Informs subordinates of their weakness in a constructive way and provide ideas or methods to help them improve.
○ Provides and submits evaluation rates to Sr. IT Manager for re - evaluation 

5. Initial interviews for International Helpdesk Staff hiring

○ Conducts applicant’s preliminary interview to determine possible fit.
○ Endorses qualified applicants to IT Manager for final interview.

Area of expertise (Skills)

College graduate of IT related courses or its equivalent
2 to 4 years work experience in applied IT or other related fields

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

Prior experience supporting software (Microsoft) and hardware which may include desktops and laptop scanners.